14/12/2016 7:02 PM CST | Actualizado 15/12/2016 1:49 PM CST

16 Times Wedding Photogs Captured Some Pretty Comical Moments

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. 😂

Wedding photographers are on hand to capture all the big, romantic moments: the first look, the walk down the aisle, the kiss, the first dance and the list goes on.

But a good photographer will also get those smaller, sillier, in-between moments too ― everything from funny poses, to candid reaction shots, to other general goofiness. Below, 16 comical real wedding photos that will make you crack a smile. 

  • 1
    Gene Smirnov
    "Patrick decided to pick me up while exiting our ceremony, tripped over my dress and bam. Ripped my dress, got a bit cut up and bruised, but still the best day of my life. And memorable to say the least!" -- bride Linda Mencel
  • 2
    Craig Obrist Photography
    "This little flower girl is 'doing what she’s gotta do' as the bride puts her flower crown on." -- Craig Obrist
  • 3
    Authentic Eye Photography
    "While I was photographing the dance floor, this grandpa mugged the camera for a shot of him rocking out." -- Thea Dodds
  • 4
    Carolyn Scott Photography
    "This is our favorite photo of all time. The ring bearers were tired, hungry and didn't want to be in any more formal portraits. While we were trying to snap the last one, one of the ring bearers literally face-planted into the ground while the other one burst into tears. It was a true meltdown of epic proportions." -- Carolyn Scott
  • 5
    BG Productions Photography
    "OMG, how did we get trapped in this tiny room on our wedding day?" -- Cathie Berrey-Green
  • 6
    Imagine Photography
    "Two of the bridesmaids were helping my bride use the restroom when the mirror behind the toilet began to fall over. The bride reached for the mirror with shock on her face, while one bridesmaid was buried in the dress and unable to help. The other bridesmaid looked back toward the camera in utter shock at what was happening. -- JoAnne Marino
  • 7
    Erica Camille Photography
    "Accidentally made a laser light show come out of this woman's mouth." -- Erica Camille
  • 8
    Allebach Photography
    "The flower girl and the nephew of the groom took off during the formal portraits once they realized they were done with photos!" -- Mike Allebach
  • 9
    Elizabeth Burgi Photography
    "Right before the groom turned around for their first look, the bride Leah made this pose. It came out of nowhere!" -- Elizabeth Burgi 
  • 10
    Priyanca Rao Photography
    "Singer Benny Dayal has many chart-toppers to his name. At Benny and Catherine's reception when the DJ played 'Badtameez Dil', one of Benny's biggest hit songs to date, everyone including the couple went nuts! His beautiful bride Catherine, who is an actor and amazing dancer, was the perfect dance partner." -- Priyanca Rao
  • 11
    Dash Productions
    "The groomsmen were very impressed by the groom's new bling." -- Jordache Jones
  • 12
    Bre Thurston
    "This is the mother of the groom. How she's feeling is pretty self-explanatory!" -- Bre Thurston
  • 13
    Rob Greer Photography
    “Silvia and John had a special treat during their portrait session at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I asked nearby street performers to join the couple for a quick photo. And with just a little encouragement, one of the stilt walkers took a little hop to add some action to the photo.”  -- Rob Greer
  • 14
    Tracey Buyce Photography
    "There is a first time for everything!  A go-go dancer, a grannie with Minnie Mouse ears and a samba dancer. This was one wedding I will never forget; everyone knew how to have a great time!" -- Tracey Buyce 
  • 15
    Rhinehart Photography
    "Mama's first selfie!" -- Lisa Rhinehart
  • 16
    Kate and Keith Photography
    "When the couple got told to stop and kiss! Their expressions are epic." -- Kate Harris