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¡Wally ya no se esconde!

El popular personaje de los libros, ya se cansó de ser buscado y ya lo podemos ver en redes sociales.

Instagram @WallyFound

Todos pasamos horas viendo los complicados escenarios donde se escondía, a veces en la playa, otras en una estación de trenes o hasta en una calle muy concurrida de Londres.

Este famoso británico no solo lo conocen como Wally, en algunas ediciones como Estados Unidos y Canadá es conocido como Waldo; en Alemania fue nombrado Walter; Francia lo llamaba Charlie; y en Italia fue Ubaldo. En México como en la mayor parte del mundo de habla hispana se le conocía como Waldo.

Time's ticking for 2016! How exciting is it to know New Year's coming just in a couple of days? New opportunities, new resolutions. The goals for 2016 is to accomplish the resolutions of 2015, which I should've done in 2014 because I promised in 2013 and planned in 2012. #WallyFound 📍| 📷 by @joelrobison

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A través de su cuenta de Instagram el simpático y escurridizo chavo de la camiseta rayada en blanco y rojo, sus peculiares anteojos, su pantalón de mezclilla y su gorrito de lana, nos muestra los lugares por los que pasea en el Reino Unido.

WALLY CHARITY CALENDAR 2016 IS OFFICIAL! I can't describe how happy we are to tell you DreamWorks and Carousel Calendars are supporting us on the Wally Charity Calendar 2016 Project. Dreams come true, Dream Works. Ha! So, if you wanna grab your calendar and help these kids, just head asap to our GoFundMe page (link in bio) and donate £10 or more (£15 for outside of UK). The money raised will go towards Clic Sargent - they provide clinical and emotional support to help children and their families to cope with cancer. This project came to life in a real short period of time and it's all thanks to your support and to our partners for being so generous. The feeling of being able to change people's lives is grand. p.s - sorry for not replying comments on the last posts, we are running against time. I'm reading each one of them and I truly appreciate your support and your love and I wish it all to you too. Be kind, spread the love. Yours, @wallyfound and @devtrammel #WallyFound 📍💛🗓 | 📷 by @devtrammel

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So Monday is back! Good luck trying to get to work on time because I ain't think it's going to ha-ppeeeeen. To many of you, it's hard to be working in an environment where you're expected to do your job. I know, it sounds crazy to me too. I do understand you and I know sometimes the best part of your job is that the chair swivels. But it's not all bad. I get that work can get really overwhelming, your coworkers get paid more than you and sometimes you need to use sarcasm at work because slapping them is frowned upon by management. But at least you have a job and opportunities! So remember that and to close all your internet windows before your boss gets to your desk. #WallyFound 📍| 📷 by @devtrammel p.s Support our project to help children with cancer and their families. Link in bio. 💛

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